Bachelor's Degrees

Australian Education has gained an unbeatable reputation thanks to its excellent level of quality, innovation, technology and highly qualified staff. All these resources are accessible to the students so they can train to achieve the high standards of today’s global labour market. Studying an Undergraduate program in an Australian University is an extraordinary academic and cultural experience. In Australia, Undergraduate Programs are known as Bachelor Degrees.

Thanks to this famous and successful education system, the Australian Universities have become known as some of the best in the World and the first choice of hundreds of thousands of students from many different countries, particularly from Latin America.

This system allows students to develop themselves with guidelines based on values, skills and knowledge, combined with technology and innovation, whilst improving their English as the language of today’s society.

Undergraduate Programs are available in a range of disciplines:

Foreign Languages
Social and Human Sciences
Innovation and Investigation
Business and Commerce
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Post-graduate Programs

Postgraduate Programs allow the students to extend their knowledge in the chosen field and obtain a full qualification.

The different types of Postgraduates Programs to be found in the Australian System are:

  • Graduate Certificates: this type of course has a duration of one semester. Students receive refresher training and develop new skills. In a lot of Universities, it’s the first semester of a Masters.

  • Graduate Diplomas: in general, this type of program is about one year. Its aim is to improve the students’ knowledge in their area of interest, developing specific skills. In a lot of Universities it is the first year of a Masters.

  • Masters Degrees: These programs have a strong reputation in Australia and abroad. In Australia, Masters Degrees have a duration of one or two years and are divided in two types – Coursework or Research Masters Programs. A Masters Degree by Coursework involves classes and the submission of case studies as a means of assessments. During a Masters by Research, students are dedicated full-time to scientific research, leading to a thesis.

  • PHD or Doctorates: During these studies which have a duration of minimum three years, students are completely dedicated to research. PHD or Doctorates are highly competitive and have very specific requirements.


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