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Learning English? Seriously?

Choosing to travel to Australia will bring you the opportunity to learn or improve your English. 90% of the travellers are driven by the desire to become fluent in a second language by first enroling in a course that suits their necessities, then facing the exciting challenge of living and working in a multicultural country, getting to know new customs and building up a network of professionals to break into the job market.

At Austral Consultants, we are qualified to offer you the best advice in terms of school, institutions and universities, at no cost, so that you can take the path to the professional education of your choice. The most important is to prepare to reach a good level of English by firstly studying a course of General English and subsequently a preparation for the IELTS or Cambridge Test. There are also other specific courses, such as Business English or English For Academic Purposes. It all depends on your professional objectives and the type of visa that applies to your current situation.

Our mission is to help and guide you during the process of deciding which course or professional career suits your ideals and financial situation. We will assist and support you throughout your student life in Australia! Just give us a starting date and destination!

Etapas del Ingles General


  • Understand the general meaning in familiar situations.

  • Try to communicate but get confused.

  •  Use basic and limited structures of the language.

  • Passive level of English

Pre - Intermediate

  • Basic skills in English.

  • Understand the general meaning of situations.

  • Confident in communicating basic personal necessities

  • Often make mistakes during the conversation but in general make yourself understood


  • Operational fluency in English

  • Understand some detailed information

  • Start to use a complex language

  • Can talk about your personal life and professional experience in general

Upper Intermediate

  • Operational fluency in English

  • Can use complex English well despite some mistakes

  • Able to understand in detail spoken and written English

  • Close to correct grammar and pronunciation

With an advanced level of English, you will perfectly manage the language. You will be able to explain, understand developed ideas, maintain complex conversations and use many idioms and common expressions.

1.4 million IELTS Test are taken every year. IELTS is recognised worldwide by colleges, institutes, universities, ministers, international agencies and business corporations as evidence of English language proficiency.

This Certificate of proficiency in English is recognised by universities, companies and education authorities around the World. This examination is particularly famous, accepted and desired within the European Community.

English For Academic Purposes (EAP) is a series of courses designed to help students develop their Academic English skills needed for successful university studies.

Business English is a course focused on improving vocabulary and pronunciation to communicate effectively in a professional environment.

Internationally recognised, TESOL is the qualification required by Academiesto work as an English teacher. The TESOL certificate allows you to teach children, teenagers and adults of all levels of English.


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